Interview about Paperight: ‘Unbundling the Publishing Industry’

At TOC Frankfurt recently, I presented a brief outline of our Paperight project, which is in development. Essentially, Paperight aims to turn any copy shop (or print department) into an on-demand bookshop, by letting users buy the right to print a book out. At TOCF I met Christiane Schulzki-Haddouti, who’s put together an interview with me about Paperight, and has captured its features nicely. I particularly appreciate how she made sure I emphasised the social-impact side of Paperight:

Is Paperight a non-profit project?
No, Paperight is a business — we call it a social enterprise with a triple bottom line: financial, social, and environmental. We measure our success in these three ways, not only in financial profit. In addition to being profitable financially, we must make a social impact by increasing access to information, and an environmental impact by reducing the carbon footprint of shipping printed books. We must keep these three bottom lines in balance.

Read the interview on Kooptech here. Christiane has also published an edited German translation on Futurezone.

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