Keeping up with the highlights

It’s a hazard that when you’re moving fast you can miss your own achievements. At Paperight, so much is happening that sometimes we forget to take a breath and enjoy the moment. In early June, I reviewed some highlights from our first nine months. And already more has happened. So before I forget to notice:

  • The Mail & Guardian published a great story (featuring Paperight) by our resident writer and designer Nick Mulgrew: ‘No textbooks? I’ll print them for you …’.
  • With the help of two fabulous interns Diann Selman and Raeesa Pather, we got hundreds more books on the site, including many from the wonderful African Books Collective.
  • Our wonderful 40-second explainer video, narrated by renowned author Sindiwe Magona, went live.
  • The video of my TED Talent Search presentation appeared (with your comments and votes, I could take our story to real-deal TED next year!)
  • Several publishers joined us. Oxford University Press Southern Africa put over thirty grade 11 and 12 study guides on Paperight just as matrics need them most. We’re adding books from the bold and fabulous Burnet Media, childrens-book publisher Big Bug Books, Gabbema Books, and others we’re yet to announce.
  • We rolled out many improvements to our site, which if we’ve done well you won’t even notice, everything will just work more smoothly.
  • Loads more outlets registered to use Paperight, including copy shops, schools and NGOs.
  • We’re delivering more and more books for printing every day, especially past matric exam papers.

We really are having fun.

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