Arthur AttwellArthur Attwell is the co-founder and managing director of Electric Book Works, where his team works with thought-leaders on publishing strategy and production. He co-founded healthcare publisher Bettercare; children’s book publisher Book Dash; and Paperight, an award-winning experiment in distributed print-on-demand. He’s the host of How Books Are Made, a podcast about the art and science of making books. He is also the creator and lead developer of the open-source Electric Book publishing framework.

Arthur worked for multinational publishers in Cape Town, South Africa, and Oxford, England, before starting EBW in 2006. He’s presented at conferences and contributed to publishing resources around the world, including writing Encyclopaedia Britannica‘s ‘ebook‘ entry. He’s a Shuttleworth Foundation alum.

You’ll find him on LinkedIn, and on Twitter as arthurattwell. Full CV here.