Professional advice for book publishing

Book publishing can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to it. There is so much to learn! There are so many options! So many pitfalls! You can lose so much time and money along the way.

Before you go any further, get independent, expert advice in a one-hour consultation with me. We’ll talk through your project in detail, and get you on the right track to achieve your aims.

I’ve been working with authors and publishers for over 25 years. I run Electric Book Works, which manages world-class publishing projects for organizations. My private, one-on-one consultations are something different: they are for people who can’t afford to hire a studio like mine, but do need some expert advice.

Note: I don’t provide input on your story or your content. I can refer you to reviewers and coaches for that, if you need it. We’ll focus on how you’re going to turn your idea into a beautiful book that others can read.

A one-hour consultation over Zoom costs $60 (USD). To make a booking, email

How Books Are Made: a podcast

My new podcast, How Books Are Made, is about the art and science of making books. It’s for book lovers curious about what happens behind the scenes, and for decision makers who need to get books into the world.

Just search for How Books Are Made in any podcast player. Or listen at

In episode one, I talk to best-selling author Sam Beckbessinger about marketing and creative freedom.

In episode two, one of SA’s most widely distributed book illustrators, Jess Jardim-Wedepohl, and I talk about her process, and making books under pressure.

And in episode three, Klara Skinner and I take a whirlwind tour through the entire book-production process.

In episode four, I’ll be talking to John Pettigrew, founder of Futureproofs, about innovation in publishing.

Plus, listen to the trailer for a quick intro, and a funny story about my engagement, my mother, and flammable book-making.

Shuttleworth Foundation backs Paperight for a second year

This week my team and I got a huge boost when the Shuttleworth Foundation renewed my Fellowship for a second year, and with it the funding that fuels Paperight. The Foundation’s brave and effective funding model means that my expenses are covered for a year, and they match my investment in Paperight many times over. (This video explains how it works.) It means we can build great quality software, hire a team, run marketing campaigns, and much more.

Here’s my video pitch for the second year’s funding, which formed part of my application for it.

A Paperight Pecha Kucha

I’ve wanted to do a Pecha Kucha presentation ever since I heard someone say ‘pe-chak-cha’, and even more since Jon Slack and co. put on Canon Tales at the London Book Fair in 2009. So when he and Aaron O’Dowling-Keane gave me a speaking spot at the launch of the launch of the International New Publishing Network (@INPN_Innovate), I jumped. Continue reading