Shuttleworth Foundation backs Paperight for a second year

This week my team and I got a huge boost when the Shuttleworth Foundation renewed my Fellowship for a second year, and with it the funding that fuels Paperight. The Foundation’s brave and effective funding model means that my expenses are covered for a year, and they match my investment in Paperight many times over. (This video explains how it works.) It means we can build great quality software, hire a team, run marketing campaigns, and much more.

Here’s my video pitch for the second year’s funding, which formed part of my application for it.

A Paperight Pecha Kucha

I’ve wanted to do a Pecha Kucha presentation ever since I heard someone say ‘pe-chak-cha’, and even more since Jon Slack and co. put on Canon Tales at the London Book Fair in 2009. So when he and Aaron O’Dowling-Keane gave me a speaking spot at the launch of the launch of the International New Publishing Network (@INPN_Innovate), I jumped. Continue reading

Paperight really gets going

Yesterday, Paperight got its first full-time team member: me. I started a year as a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow. The Foundation’s support transforms Paperight from a side-project at Electric Book Works into a fully fledged, funded startup. In the coming weeks I’ll fill my diary speaking to publishers, copy-shops, non-profits, librarians, and more about how they’d like to use Paperight to find or distribute books.