Call for media-production mentors in Cape Town

Friend and acclaimed entrepreneur Gavin Weale is working with IkamvaYouth to produce a youth-created magazine in Cape Town. They need mentors, so if you’re a media pro looking to contribute to something awesome, this is a good way. Here’s some detail.

…designing, illustrating, writing, photographing, advertising and general coolness-oozing friends,

IkamvaYouth is partnering up with Live Magazine to produce a one-week youth-created mini-magazine sprint this winter school.

We need volunteers to run workshops & tutorials and to mentor our learners during the afternoons, 29 June – 8 July.

The objective: Producing a youth-created publication that is distributed far and wide – featuring exciting photography, content and editorial created by young people from the townships, and offering
advice, information and inspiration for its readers.

The plan:

  1. Basic journalism, photography, illustration and content creation workshops are delivered by industry professional volunteers.
  2. Overseen by mentors, the Ikamva Live team brainstorm, plan and create content for a mini-publication, working together in one space – based around a theme for the magazine – to be decided in the session!
  3. The content will be decided by the young team themselves, with support from mentors, but also include contributions from other strands of activity taking place over the winter school fortnight (including photography and creative writing workshops). Mentors will encourage a mix of entertainment and education, with inspiring and useful information for the target readership.
  4. After the production sprint, two to three young people collaborate with a professional designer to lay out the publication, while others plan the distribution strategy. The publication could be an A5, 8 page mini-mag, or an A1-folding-to A6 poster
  5. The publication is printed and distributed via key youth channels, and via the contributors themselves.
  6. Would also be cool for a sub-team to land an advertiser to help get the costs covered.

For more info or to offer help, get in touch with Joy: joy at ikamvayouth dot org, or chase Gavin down on Twitter.

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