Four innovative healthcare-education organisations

A recent discussion on the mHealth Working Group mailing list mentioned four organisations working in the area of healthcare education on smartphones and tablets. They look really interesting.


Iheed is Irish Global Health Education Innovation. They’re working in Uganda and Bangladesh, and focus on the education of community health workers:

Iheed will focus its efforts on the training of community health workers as critical frontline healthcare providers in the delivery of primary healthcare to communities, in particular women and children, utilising innovative approaches, and leveraging the rapidly growing area of mobile technologies as a means of channelling health education materials and messages in an appropriate and user-friendly manner to effect behaviour change which ultimately benefits our target groups.

Baobab Health

Baobab Health Trust – originally founded n the US – is an NGO in Malawi that develops software and hardware for use in Malawian clinics and hospitals. They focus on simple, touch-screen systems. According to their site, the systems are in use at about a dozen sites.


eMOCHA is an open-source software project. It has two components: an app for Android-based phones, and server software for communicating with the phones. The app can be used to send training materials (including video and quizzes), to gather patient data (in secure forms), and, being a phone and all, to call a doctor.

Global Health Media Project

The Global Health Media Project develops short videos that provide knowledge and skills to healthcare professionals in resource-poor settings. The videos are then freely distributed as broadly as possible. According to their blog, their four-minute ‘Story of Cholera‘ will hopefully soon be in multiple languages around the world:

The film … has already been requested for use in Haiti, Ghana, Cameroon, Zambia, Congo, and Thailand. We are currently working on narrating the film in multiple languages to make it more useful in cholera-affected regions around the world.

I haven’t been able to speak to these organisations or test their products. But in all four cases, there’s a lot of vision overlap here with our work at Paperight (distributing healthcare materials. among other things) and EBW Healthcare (developing and publishing healthcare learning kits). So I hope our paths cross before long.

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