A Paperight Pecha Kucha

I’ve wanted to do a Pecha Kucha presentation ever since I heard someone say ‘pe-chak-cha’, and even more since Jon Slack and co. put on Canon Tales at the London Book Fair in 2009. So when he and Aaron O’Dowling-Keane gave me a speaking spot at the launch of the launch of the International New Publishing Network (@INPN_Innovate), I jumped.

The INPN is a forum for innovative publishing explicitly focused on innovative solutions and initiatives from around the world. Its founders’ great track records and passion for what they do, and a very well-attended launch, bode well for its future.

I spoke about the origins of Paperight, why it’s important, and (briefly) how it works.

We didn’t get to film the presentations so, tucked safely away from the crowds, I’ve created a slides-and-audio version of my presentation. As you know, Pecha Kucha is a presentation format that requires twenty slides for twenty seconds each; a total 6:40 to get your message across. It’s a brutal but hugely satisfying constraint.

It was a lot easier to record this in the safety of my hotel room than to present live. Presenting live to timed slides is tough. I owe a debt of gratitude to the many folk who’ve put their tips online – search ‘pecha kucha tips’ – it’s a tough art that takes a lot of planning and rehearsal prep. But try it and you’ll be hooked.

2 thoughts on “A Paperight Pecha Kucha

  1. Excellent presentation.

    BTW, with many of the authors I mentor, I’ve been encouraging them to use problem-solution strings (problem leads to solution leads to further problem leads to further solution etc.). Often both authors and readers/listeners find this structure aids communication. I was fascinated to find that this narrative in effect adopts that structure.

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